We Like to Party

File this one under random.

My old college roomie dropped me a message today about his wedding next summer (complete with, yep, a website). As any good friend would, I told him that if the DJ set at the reception isn’t, “filled exclusively with late-90s Vengaboys hits, I absolutely refuse to attend.” Which, needless to say, is true. It also got me thinking about other songs that I insist be played — not only at his wedding — but at every wedding I attend, henceforth.

What follows is my tribute to the 5 worst/best dance videos of all time. Consider these songs requisite. If you play them, I will dance my ass off like the people in the videos, to be sure. If you don’t, you can kiss me and your 6.5 quart slow-cooker wedding present goodbye.

Vengaboys — We Like to Party

Boyz II Men — Motown Philly

Dee Lite — Groove is in the Heart

Salt ‘n Peppa — Shoop

Devo — Whip It

I admit it: Devo doesn’t really belong here, but the video’s just so damn good.